The Swiss-Park MAX 2M

The Swiss-Park MAX 2M is a 4-column system which allows cars to pass through the system to access a system behind. This allows the MAX 2M to be installed before a MAX 1, MAX 2 or MAX 3. Thus, an additional lane becomes available and the available parking space can be utilised. Depending on the combination, gates are necessary or optional. Operation is by remote control.
- Independent parking space - Pit not required

- horizontal movement of all parking levels

- vehicle height up to 200 cm

- vehicle length up to 520 cm

- platform width up to 270 cm (230 cm standard)

- parking space load 2000 kg per parking space (standard), optional 2600 kg per parking space

- Manual or electrically operated sliding doors

- Sliding doors made of steel, other materials possible on request

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